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Alberta Pipe and Park Team

FA selects the top slopestyle and halfpipe athletes to form the Alberta Park & Pipe Team. The athletes are supported by their clubs and coaches to execute individualized year-round training plans aimed at promoting their skills to make the NextGen National Team. Our top provincial park and pipe athletes have continued sports services support from Freestyle Alberta. This support covers a wide range of integrated sports services offered by the Canadian Sport Institute in Calgary including; Strength and Conditioning, Mental Performance, Nutrition, Testing and monitoring, Sports Physio and concussion baselines.

High-performance athletes are in the Learn To Compete and Train to Compete stage of the long-term athlete development model (LTAD). Athletes in the high-performance program are in full-year training programs with the goal of representing Canada as a member of the Freestyle Canada National team. 

 Meet the team 2023-2024

  • Devon Spate (RT)
  • Ty Kargus (CFRZ)
  • Lucas Butland (RT)
  • Evelyn Mullie (CFRZ)
  • Liam Duffy (RT)
  • Paulina Promcharoenwatana (CFRZ)
  • Oliver Neil (CFRZ)
  • Avery Mayck (CFRZ)
  • Vienna Billetsky (RT)
  • Ayden Fraser (CFRZ)
  • Quincy Barr (CFRZ)

 Meet the Coaches

Rex Thomas (RT Freeski)

Ethan Harrison (RT Freeski)

Patrick Walsh (Calgary Freeriderz)

Austin Coll (Calgary Freeriderz)


AB D Team P&P Project

(To be announced)