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NOTICE: Annual General Meeting 2018

Notice of Alberta Freestyle Skiing Association Annual General Meeting

Sunday, October 21, 2018 11 am

Theatre Room, Frank King Daylodge, Canada Olympic Park, Calgary, Alberta


Watch for all pertinent AGM documents to be posted on our website at www.freestylealberta.ski

There are several board positions up for election this year.

  1. Director at Large
  2. Vice Chair
  3. Treasurer/Secretary

Nominations must be submitted by October 7 to Jared Sayers (Chair) at jsayers@flexxcore.com and Paulo Kapronczai kapronczai@wayfindercorp.com

Member clubs will appoint the Club President (or delegate) who may attend and participate in meetings and is entitled to one vote and an additional number of votes as follows:

Voting privileges at our meeting of members are held by the registered member clubs and weighted according to the number of athletes registered in each club.  –  1 additional vote for every twenty-five (25) CAN FREE 1&2, CAN FREE 3 and CAN FREE 4 athletes, paid and registered with the member club officials are welcome to attend and participate in meeting but are not entitled to vote.


  1. Call to order at 11:00 AM – Chair Jared Sayers
  2. Establishment of quorum – minimum of five voting member clubs
  3. Appointment of scrutineers
  4. Approval of the agenda
  5. Declaration of any conflicts of Interest
  6. Adoption of minutes of September 2017 Annual General Meeting
  7. Chair’s report
  8. Executive Director’s report
  9. Committee reports
  10. Report of the audit review – Dan Jefferies
  11. Appointment of the auditors for April 2018 financial year end
  12. Election of Directors:
  • Director at Large
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  1. Other Business:
  • High performance teams target size and strategy to support
  • Freestyle Alberta event schedule
  • AB judging rate adjustment
  • Executive Director open position
  1. Motion to approve signing authorities
  2. Adjournment

Following the AGM, the Fall Board of Directors meeting will occur at the same BNTC location.