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Athletic Pathway

Freestyle Alberta follows the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model as part of the Canadian Sport for Life pathway. The following infographic (coming soon!) outlines the athlete pathway, including: Events by age grouping, LTAD stages of progression and Team structures and age groupings.



Club Competitions


  • * Introduction to the competition environment
  • * Experience other resorts, venues, and facilities and meet peers
  • * Strengthen our Freestyle community
  • * Modified format allows athletes to ski more, develop foundational skills, and have fun
  • * Opportunity for host, clubs & resorts to gain event experience before hosting a provincial tour
  • * Opportunity to train, judges, and officials, and provide hands-on experience
  • * Opportunity for host resort to gain experience w/ facilities before hosting a provincial tour

Athlete Profile

  • * U8 to U16 (7-15 years old) Sport for Life LTAD
  • * Fundamentals to Freestylerz
  • * Learn to Train
  • * Learn to train phase is characterized by accelerated dev of coordination & fine motor skills
  • * New athletes of all ages
  • * No specialization at this stage. Recreational.

Provincial Competitions


  • * Provide meaningful competitive experience to mid-level athletes in trying to train
  • * Expose athletes to higher level competition and enhanced venues
  • * Introduce athletes to standardized judging formats
  • * Opportunity to train higher level judges, and officials
  • * Opportunity for resorts and clubs to gain experience, hosting higher level events
  • * Provincial ranking for athletes to qualify them for junior nationals, and other national level events (IE. Canada Cup)

Athlete Profile

  • * U14 to U20 (12-19 years old) Sport for Life LTAD
  • * Freestylers and Competitive Team. Train to Train
  • * Prior experience in a club competition setting
  • * The athlete has shown physical competency and mental readiness for next level
  • * The athlete has a desire to qualify for junior nationals and other national level events
  • * Top level likely specializing at this point

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