Air 3 Coaching Course

Air 3 Coaching Module


The Air 3 Coaching Module bridges the gap from uprights and off axis skills in the trampoline environment and enters the on snow or dry slope environment. Using Air Bags or Water Ramps to learn new skills and gain confidence.  Coaches who are Air 3 Evaluated are sanctioned to run dry airbag or water ramp sessions independently and coach athletes how to go off axis or invert safely with skis on.

All candidates entering this workshop must be Club Coach Trained, Air 1, and Air 2 Trained.

More ​information ​about ​the ​Coach ​Pathway ​and ​courses ​can ​be ​found here

Location: Winsport Calgary

Facilitator: Chip Milner, Dean Bercovitch Assisting

Pre-requisites: Air 1, Air 2, and a 22/23 CFSA Membership

Schedule is subject to change. The facilitator will reach out within a week before the event with most updated details of the course.

February 17-19, 2023

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