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Looking to Support Freestyle Skiing in alberta and get a Tax receipt? Freestyle Alberta has joined The Alberta Sport Connection Donation Fund Program  to enlist donors to support sport &
recreation development in Alberta. Donations will go towards supporting Freestyle Alberta inorder for FA to offer high quality programs and development

Donation Fund Program Overview

As a Crown Corporation which supports amateur sport and recreation in Alberta, Alberta Sport
Connection has established the Donation Fund Program to assist partner Provincial Sport and
Recreation Associations, the Alberta Sport Development Centres and Alberta Games in obtaining
financial support. This program is established by Alberta Sport Connection to help enlist donors to
support sport and recreation development in the province of Alberta.

♦ Alberta Sport Connection administers the Donation Fund Program as a Crown Corporation, which
can provide tax-deductible receipts for unconditional contributions to amateur sport or recreation in
Alberta. Donations are only eligible for tax receipts if the donor or related party does not directly or
indirectly benefit from the donation in any way other than the tax benefit.

♦ Alberta Sport Connection provides this service without charging any administration fees. The full
amount of each donation goes directly to the support of sport and recreation.

♦ Alberta Sport Connection only accepts cheque or cash


What Donations do NOT Qualify?

The payment of a basic fee for admission to an event or to a program.

♦ Payment of membership fees that convey the right to attend events, receive services, or be eligible
for entitlements of any kinds (free access to facilities that the general public has to pay for).
Membership fees are considered as gifts if they confer no more than the right to vote at a meeting
and to receive reports of the charity’s activities, unless such reports are otherwise available for a fee.

♦ Contributions of services (i.e. time, skills, efforts). Contributions of services are not property and do
not qualify.

♦ Payment from a business for which the business receives a material advantage such as promotion or
advertising in return. For taxation purposes, the business may be able to claim the contribution as
an advertising expense.

♦ A gift subject to a direction by the donor that Alberta Sport Connection transfers the funds to a
specified person, family or club. In such an instance, the donor has made a gift to the person, family
or club and not to the Alberta Sport Connection.

♦ A gift subject to a direction by the donor that Alberta Sport Connection give the funds to a non qualified recipient.


How to Support Freestyle Alberta and receive a tax receipt for your donation?


♦ To obtain a tax receipt for your donation, the following process must be followed:
 The donor must make the cheque payable to Alberta Sport Connection.
 The donation must be accompanied by the correct donation fund letter. The letter
must be fully completed with original signature.
 Any donations that are submitted without meeting the requirements will be returned to
the donor.

♦ Alberta Sport Connection may issue an official tax receipt for income tax purposes if the donor has
suggested that the donation be used in a particular program supported by Alberta Sport
Connection provided that:
 no direct or indirect benefit accrues to the donor.
 no direct or indirect benefit accrues to any person related to the donor.
 the donation is unconditional and does not obligate the Alberta Sport Connection to
follow the suggestion.
 reciprocal donations (two or more unrelated individuals sponsoring each other’s related
persons) are not permissible.

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